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The State We're In: Washington
A Civics Text by the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund

Civility in Our Democracy

Civility in Our Democracy is a League of Women Voters program to train civic leaders how to tone down angry rhetoric and lead meaningful discussions about complex public issues.


2012: Wrap Up

Congratulations to the 35 participants in the 2012 LWVWA Civility in Our Democracy Program who completed our 4-hour Introductory Workshop, held in Spokane, or our 6-month, 10-hour Moderator Training program.

2012 Participation: 

21 (Spokane) Intro Workshop Participants
14 Moderator Training Participants
35 Total 2012 program participants

Moderator Training Highlights
The 6-month Moderator Program launched in July 2012 and included:
  • July 21 Kick Off Workshop in Seattle, WA (see details below)
  • August Webinar
  • September & October Practicum
  • November Closing Session
Kick Off Workshop (held on July 21 in Seattle):

LEARN how and why conflict occurs between people and groups, how it escalates, and how to manage it during tense discussions. Join citizens and civic leaders across Washington who commit to using civil approaches to participating in the 2012-2013 elections. This 6-hour workshop is a fast-paced, skills-building session for League members, civic leaders and community partners and includes discussion about real issues. This program is open to League members and community guests. Please contact the state office if you're interested in joining us.

Moderator Training:

JOIN League Forum Moderators, seasoned and new, for a 6-month Moderator Training program highlighting skills for moderating discussions on contentious public issues and making sense of 21st century campaign and election tools. The program is open to League members and guests.

Participants will:
  • Increase self-awareness and knowledge of conflict escalation - your own and others.
  • Explore best-practices for moderating discussion of contentious public issues through readings, case studies, videos, and role plays.
  • Examine 21st century campaign and election tools with a critical mindset.
  • Practice and apply skills in a variety of group settings.
  • Commit to participate in: one full day and one half-day training session, a webinar, volunteer practicum, and learning assessments.
Be part of a growing network of community leaders equally committed to less rhetoric and more meaningful discussion about the tough public policy choices ahead.

Contact civility@lwvwa.org to learn more.


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