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A Civics Text by the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund


The League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund is dedicated to strengthening citizen knowledge of government in Washington State. The Education Fund sponsors and supports nonpartisan educational projects that help citizens better understand major public policy issues and become active and informed participants in their communities and in their government.

The League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund is a 501(c)3 organization. The Education Fund operates separately from the League of Women Voters of Washington, which is a 501(c)4 organization, with a separate board of directors. Contributions to the Education Fund are tax deductible.

The State We're In: Washington
Your guide to state, tribal and local government

TSWI Cover & Online LinkThe seventh edition of The League's acclaimed civics textbook, The State We're In: Washington - Your Guide to State, Tribal and Local Government is sold out but available online and the eighth edition is on its way

Written for grades 7- 12, TSWI is also a useful tool for ESL, GED, Basic Ed and Immigration programs. A companion Teacher's Curriculum Guide is available as well. Teachers, librarians and the Washington State Indian Education Association endorse it, and over 20,000 copies have been distributed statewide.

The book is a friendly, easy-to-read primer that covers the basics of what government is, how it works, and why we need it. It is generously illustrated with graphs, photos and drawings. It is the first book to include tribal history and government as an integral part of civics education.  And its telling of Washington State’s history is fully inclusive of all the peoples of our state.
View the seveth edition as a free online resource  here.

How To Order 

We are sold out of the seventh edition of The State We're In: Washington but if you'd like to order supplementary materials you can do online here, or order via mail (by check, purchase order, invoice) with this downloadable form.  

Supplemental materials include:

    • The Teachers' Curriculum Guide
    • What Does it Take to be a Good Citizen? poster

      What Does it Take to be a Good Citizen?

The eight edition of The State We're In: Washington should be available mid-March. If you want to be notified when the eighth edition is available to order, add your name to our notification list. 

Questions about either edition? Contact the state office by email or phone: 206-622-8961.


To inquire about the availability of printed copies or for other titles, please contact the state office at 206-622-8961 or by email.

Renewable Energy, 2012
This report examines the various sources of renewable energy, with the intent to provide a better understanding of these sources and the challenges and benefits to their development.

Washington State Conservation Districts, 2011
There are 47 conservation districts in Washington state, with the mission to promote conservation within their borders. This report reviews the history, governance and election procedures of the conservation districts, including the role of the Washington State Conservation Commission.

Early Care and Education of Young Children, Birth to Five, 2008
This report includes recent changes in early care and education, current research results, the quality and affordability of current care, community-based services, and emerging issues in the field. The report also includes a discussion of government's role in this issue.
Also available, the unabridged version of Early Care and Education of Young Children, Birth to Five, October 2008.

Washington State Ferries, 2007
Washington State Ferries are both a part of the state highway system and a mass transit provider. An updated study of the League of Women Voters of Washington Transportation Position with a focus on the Washington State Ferry System.

Growth Management Act, 2006
A two-year study about the Growth Management Act in Washington State. Topics include how we got the Act and what it was intended to fix; specific components of the Act, such as goals, planning requirements and enforcement; an assessment of how it has worked around the state; successes and challenges; case studies; current controversies and comparison with other states.

Election Reform, 2006
This study reviews the issues raised by the historically close 2004 governor's race and the resulting changes in state law. Examined were the new state Voter Registration Database system and the various approaches to auditing election results. Included is a synopsis of Building Confidence in U.S. Elections, (The Carter-Baker Report) and a summary of recommendations of the Brennan Center for Justice and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights for Improving Reliability of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Voting Systems.

Washington State Tax Study Summary, 2004
15-page summary A two-year project updating the League’s previous studies regarding the state tax structure and examining how to achieve a fair, adequate and transparent tax structure to be adopted for the State of Washington. 53 pages. Additional Tax Resources

Voting Inside and Outside the Box -- Part II, 2004
Voting Equipment and Procedures on Trial, 2003
A two-year study looks at voting with absentee/vote-by-mail ballots, reviews the security checks in the ballot counting process, evaluates the role voting equipment plays in voting and tallying, and includes a definition of terms.

Direct Democracy: The Initiative and Referendum Process in Washington, 2002
A review of initiative and referendum history and study of requirements and regulations adopted by other states and proposals that might work to improve the process in Washington.

An Evaluation of Major Election Methods, 2000
An examination of the goals of representative democracy, the voting systems used in Western Democracies, and procedures in preparation for and conducting elections.

Washington's Dynamic Forests 1998, 2000
A two-part study of forests and forest issues for citizens who wish to understand the history, policies and current issues of forests in our state.
Public Assistance as Public Policy, 1996
An examination of the safety-net and welfare system with a focus on who participates in Washington and the impact of the system.

Washington State Public Port Districts, 1989, available online only.
Examines the organizational structure of the ports system in Washington state - its governance (defined as the act, power, or process of governing); its financial basis; and how the public can be involved.


The State We're In: Washington, your guide to state, tribal and local government, 6th edition, 2008
A citizens handbook about state government written and produced by the League and used in schools, libraries, universities, and by citizens around the state. A companion Teachers Curriculum Guide is available. Clear concise language explains how a bill becomes a law, the role of state agencies, the interactions of the three branches of government, the role of cities and counties, the initiative and referendum process, political parties and more.

Citizens Guide to the Courts, 2001
A project on Judicial Independence was undertaken in conjunction with 14 other Leagues across the U.S., funded and administered by the national League of Women Voters Education Fund. An outcome following from this project was the distribution to several thousand members of the public of this booklet published by the state office of court administration with production assistance from the LWVWA Education Fund.


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