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Making Democracy Work


HB 1541 Establishing the nothing about us without us act (lived experience). This bill passed the House. It provides the means for including underrepresented populations in policy making discussions where their lived experience can impact decisions made that would affect their group.  

⚠️ Ask your Senator to SUPPORT HB 1541 here.

SB 5856 Concerning voter registration challenges. This bill passed the Senate. It promotes a fair and transparent process for challenging voter registration.

⚠️ Ask your Representative to SUPPORT SB 5856 here.


No actions to complete this week.

Local News and Democracy

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No actions to complete this week.



No actions to complete this week.


Ask your legislator to support $8 million in capital budget funding. We have an opportunity to secure additional funding in the 2024 legislative session for more TLT projects protecting our natural lands, using higher-than-expected carbon auction revenues from the state’s Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) account. Get more information here .

⚠️ Ask your legislators to support Capital Budget Funding for Trust Land Transfer Projects here

Ask your legislators to expand mature forest protections. Last year, the State Legislature permanently protected 2,000 acres of mature forests, however, the demand from counties to protect these forests far exceeded this original investment. This year, we can expand this protection to additional forests, which is essential for conserving our best carbon sequestering forests, while also purchasing replacement lands to add to the overall public lands base. Get more information here.

⚠️ This week, ask your legislators to continue to conserve mature forests and buy replacement lands for economically impacted rural counties here. Legislators are making crucial decisions on the state budget right now!


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⚠️Call the Legislative Hotline 1.800.562.6000 to ask your Senator to help bring these bills to a Floor Voteand then Vote YES

·        HB 1551 Reducing lead in cookware. This bill bans the sale of cookware or cookware component containing lead or lead compounds.

·        HB 2207 Providing tools designed to reduce the impacts of unlawful solid waste dumping. This bill uses fines from illegal dumping, providing for more funds for education.

·        HB 1185 Reducing environmental impacts associated with lighting products.  Phases out the sale of most mercury-containing lights

·        HB 2301  Improving the outcomes associated with waste material management systems, including products affecting organic material management systems. This bill addresses composting and other management of organic (yard and food waste)

·        HB 2401 Providing for the responsible management of refrigerant gases and other materials that are used in appliances or other infrastructure.  Implements a refrigerant gas stewardship program, preventing the release of hydrofluorocarbons.

⚠️Call the Legislative Hotline 1.800.562.6000 to ask your Representatives to help bring these bills to a Floor Voteand then Vote YES

·        SB 6163 Concerning biosolids. Ecology must establish pollutant limits for PFAS chemicals in biosolids for land application.


Changes in Washington’s transportation system are needed to address climate change and support new affordable housing. Local transit agencies cannot generate enough funding through local funding sources to provide adequate service. Rail has been a neglected segment of the transportation system that, if properly planned and funded, could address a number of congestion and greenhouse gas emission problems. Please let your legislators know that you would like the 2024 supplemental budget to include funding for these important services.

            ⚠️ Please tell your legislators you want more funding for transit service and these rail proposals here.

Social & Economic Policy



HB 1012 Addressing the response to extreme weather events would require the Military Department to develop and implement an Extreme Weather Response Grant Program for the purpose of assisting with the costs of responding to community needs during periods of extremely hot or cold weather, or severe poor air quality due to wildfire smoke. It would help keep unhoused people from dying because of exposure. This bill passed the House on a vote of 68 to 30. It is scheduled for executive session in the Senate Ways & Means Committee on Monday, February 26.

⚠️ Ask the Senate Ways & Means Committee to move HB 1012 out of committee with a Do Pass recommendation here on Monday, February 26.


Health Care

SJM 8006 Requesting that the Federal Government create a Universal Health Care Program. It is a statement to Washington DC that we the people of Washington want Universal Healthcare funded by a single payer system separate from employment.

⚠️Please contact your legislators to support ESJM 8006 and request it be on the floor calendar here. A sample note to legislators is below:

Dear Legislators,

I am in support of SJM 8006, requesting that the Federal Government create a Universal Health Care Program.  I ask that SJM 8006 be pulled out of the Rules Committee and brought to the floor for a vote. I ask then you support this Memorial when it comes up for a vote.

Behavioral Health

Support Additional Behavioral Health Funding. Behavioral health services are important to the well-being of Washington State residents. The House and Senate supplemental budgets each provide some funding for critical behavioral health services, but the final budget must include all of the behavioral health funding each chamber has proposed to best serve Washingtonians. 

⚠️Ask your Legislators to include funding for the necessary behavioral health services in the final supplemental budget here.


Children's Issues

No actions to complete this week.

Early Care and Education of Young Children

No actions to complete this week.


HB 1579 Independent Prosecutions for Police Use of Deadly Force. This bill sets up an Independent Prosecutions Unit in the Attorney General’s Office to prosecute crimes involving the use of deadly force by police officers  

⚠️ Click here to send a pre-written letter to the Ways & Means Committee telling them you support HB 1579 before Monday, February 26 at 9:00 AM.

HB 2065 Offender Score Recalculation. Last year, the legislature passed HB 1324, which removed the requirement that juvenile offenses automatically be considered when calculating adult sentences. However, the legislature did not make the bill retroactive. This bill extends the application of HB 1324 to people who are currently incarcerated.

⚠️ Click here to send a pre-written letter to the Ways & Means Committee telling them you support HB 2065 before Monday, February 26 at 9:00 AM.


No actions to complete this week.

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