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Members-at-large (MALs) are simply League members who live outside the area of and are not enrolled in a recognized local League. Contact the State League to become a MAL. 

The MALs operate under the direction and guidance of the state board.  MAL units are highly visible in their community and plan and participate in a wide range of League efforts, although not in local study and action. The structure and activities of MAL units vary greatly from state to state. Each state League decides how to organize these units and what types of program each can carry out. The LWVUS board of directors has encouraged the participation of MAL units in national studies and member agreement procedures.

MAL numbers steadily increased in the 1980s, principally due to active member recruitment efforts at the state and national levels of the League. Capitalizing on this growth, state Leagues established member-at-large units. These units give a group of members-at-large an opportunity to participate in League activities even though there is no local League in the area.

Starting a League can be one of the most rewarding endeavors for individuals and for a community. The formal League structure includes provisional Leagues (new Leagues working toward full recognition as local Leagues), local Leagues, Inter-League Organizations (ILOs), units of members-at-large (members living outside the area of any local League) organized by some local Leagues, state Leagues, and the LWVUS.

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