CENSUS & redistricting forum toolkit 

Where district lines are drawn in 2021 will determine how strong a voice each voter has in coming elections for the next decade. Stories of partisan and racial gerrymandering, of overwhelming majorities in districts and of “trifecta” control in state governments elevate concerns about how districts influence the effectiveness of our representative democracy. Use this toolkit to hold a Census & Redistricting Forum. And we are here to help. 


After a two years of redistricting education we have reached over 1200 people who are now informed about the importance of the the Census and Redistricting processes. Our work is not done. We must continue to provide education for the public.  As we get closer to the April 2020 Census and the January 2021 Redistricting, Local Leagues should hold another forum to educate the public. 

Alison McCaffree has created the following Powerpoint, pre-approved grant application and example budget to get you on your way. Alison has also agreed to "train the trainers." She will provide training to anyone who wants to be a forum facilitator - giving you the knowledge to give the training and answer questions that might come up. 


Redistricting: Why it Matters - Powerpoint file (click for Download)
Approved Forum Grant $400 (click for Download)
Budget (click for Download)
Evaluation Survey (click for Download)

Thank you for working to make our democratic republic a better places to live!

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Looking for Information about Speak Up Schools? 
These are workshops to help you with your testimony to the 2021 Washington State Redistricting commission. Please see our Speak Up School webpage here
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Alison McCaffree
Census & Redistricting Issue Chair

What is included in this toolkit? 

  • Census Basics
    • Citizenship Question
    • Census Budget
    • Hard to Count
  • Redistricting 101
    • Apportionment
    • Gerrymandering
    • 1965 VRA
    • Redistricting in WA 
    • Technology Use
  • SCOTUS Cases
    • Racial Gerrymander
      • NC, TX, IL
    • Prison Gerrymander
    • Partisan Gerrymander
      • MD, NC, WI
      • Efficiency Gap
    • CA Commission
  • Other Optional Topics
      • Complete count Committees
      • Pennsylvania
      • Massachusetts
      • City of Yakima
      • Rank Choice Voting
      • WA VRA

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